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Discover innovative strategies to maximize the impact of Pupil Premium funding for the upcoming academic year.

Understanding Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium funding is additional funding provided to schools in England with the aim of improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged children. It’s allocated based on the number of pupils eligible for free school meals, children who have been looked after for more than six months, and children of armed forces personnel. The funding is intended to address the inequalities that these pupils face and provide additional support to help them succeed academically.

Schools receiving Pupil Premium funding have the flexibility to use it in ways that best meet the needs of their pupils. This includes investing in additional teaching staff, providing one-on-one support, offering extracurricular activities, and implementing targeted interventions. By understanding the purpose and allocation of Pupil Premium funding, schools can effectively utilise these resources to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children.


Challenges Faced by Schools with High Pupil Premium Funding

Schools with high levels of Pupil Premium funding often face unique challenges in ensuring that the additional resources have a significant impact on educational outcomes, such as:

  1. Limited resources: While Pupil Premium funding provides additional resources, it may still be insufficient to fully address the needs of disadvantaged pupils. Schools must prioritise and allocate the funding strategically to maximise its impact.
  2. Widening attainment gap: Despite the additional support, the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers continues to grow, especially since the pandemic. Schools need to implement targeted interventions and provide personalised support to overcome this challenge.
  3. Parental engagement: Engaging parents and guardians in the education of their children can be more challenging in schools with high Pupil Premium funding. Schools need to develop effective communication strategies and establish strong partnerships with parents to ensure the success of their Pupil Premium strategies.

By recognising and addressing these challenges, schools can better utilise their Pupil Premium funding and improve educational outcomes for children most in need of extra support.


“We were looking for a tool that would both excite and motivate pupils to practice and build on their maths skills. We also needed something that would be quick to set-up and easy for the pupils to get to grips with.”

Alexa Stephens

Head of Maths and Year 6 teacher, Lee Mount Primary School


Empowering Disadvantaged Students with Sumdog

Sumdog is an adaptive online learning tool that can empower disadvantaged students by providing them with a supportive and inclusive learning environment which allows you to:

  • Build confidence: Sumdog offers a non-judgmental space for pupils to practice and improve their skills. By experiencing success and progress, children can build confidence in their abilities.
  • Foster independence: Sumdog encourages independent learning by providing immediate feedback and guidance. This helps disadvantaged pupils develop self-reliance and take ownership of their education.
  • Bridge the digital divide: Sumdog's accessibility, both online and through mobile devices, ensures that disadvantaged pupils have equal opportunities to engage in meaningful learning experiences. It helps bridge the digital divide and promote digital literacy.

By incorporating Sumdog into your Pupil Premium strategy, you can enhance the effectiveness of your interventions and create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment that supports their academic growth and success.


Child playing Sumdog Goalz in class


Measuring Success and Impact of Pupil Premium Strategies

Measuring the success and impact of Pupil Premium strategies is crucial for schools to evaluate their effectiveness and make informed decisions. 

  • Progress tracking: Regularly monitoring the academic progress of disadvantageds and comparing it to their peers can provide insights into the effectiveness of interventions. Schools can use tools like Sumdog's progress reports to track individual and group progress over time.
  • Attainment data: Analysing attainment data, such as exam results and assessments, can help assess whether Pupil Premium strategies are narrowing the attainment gap and improving educational outcomes.
  • Feedback and surveys: Seeking feedback from students, parents, and teachers about the impact of Pupil Premium strategies can provide valuable insights. Surveys can be conducted to gather feedback on the effectiveness of specific interventions and areas for improvement.

By actively measuring the success and impact of your Pupil Premium strategies, you can identify areas of strength and areas that require further development. This data-driven approach ensures that resources are allocated effectively and interventions are tailored to meet the specific needs of disadvantaged pupils.


“The adaptive nature of Sumdog means provision can be exact for each pupil... ensuring every learner has the foundations they deserve to be confidently numerate.”

Emily Hobson

Primary National Lead for Strategy and Innovation at Oasis Community Learning


Utilising Sumdog to Support Pupil Premium Strategy

With personalised questions, fun games, and in-depth reporting, Sumdog is designed to engage every pupil and support every teacher:

  • Personalise learning: Sumdog adapts to the individual needs of pupils, providing targeted practice in key areas of learning. This personalised approach can help disadvantaged learners catch up and make progress at their own pace.
  • Track progress: Sumdog provides detailed reports on student progress, allowing teachers to monitor the impact of their Pupil Premium strategies. This data can help identify areas of improvement and tailor interventions accordingly.
  • Promote engagement: Sumdog's gamified approach to learning makes it enjoyable for kids, increasing their motivation and participation. This can be especially beneficial for disadvantaged pupils who may face additional barriers to engagement.

Our Sumdog Account Managers are available to help support you with implementing a strategy. Contact us today to find out how Sumdog can be used to support your pupil premium needs.

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