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    08 June, 2024

    5 Tips to Engage Pupils in Maths Learning Over the Summer Holidays

    Summer is a time filled with fun and relaxation - but it can also lead to a decline in children's…

    01 May, 2024

    The Intersection of Sports and Maths: A Winning Formula

    Sports and maths may seem like two disparate fields, with one rooted in physical prowess and the…

    16 April, 2024

    Maximising Pupil Premium Funding for 2024

    Discover innovative strategies to maximize the impact of Pupil Premium funding for the upcoming…

    10 April, 2024

    Multiplication Mastery: 5 Engaging Strategies to Teach Times Tables

    Learning times tables is a key part of maths education. It's like having a toolbox when you're…

    27 March, 2024

    Harnessing the Power of Assessment: Pre and Post-Testing on Sumdog

    Assessment plays a vital role in education, guiding both teaching strategy and pupil understanding.…

    14 March, 2024

    Hear From Our Sumdog Schools: Jonathan McCabe at Trinity St Peter's, Liverpool, UK

    We’ve been speaking with teachers from some of our Sumdog schools to learn more about how they’ve…

    02 February, 2024

    Celebrate Safer Internet Day this February on Sumdog

    Safer Internet Day 2024 is right around the corner and here at Sumdog, we're excited to celebrate…

    10 January, 2024

    Fun Spelling Games That Will Engage Your KS2 Pupils

    Discover exciting and interactive spelling games that will captivate and educate children in a fun…

    12 December, 2023

    Exploring the Curriculum for Excellence 2022/23 Results

    "The percentage of pupils achieving the expected CfE Level has increased in 2022/23 across all…