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Sumdog’s online maths contests are a fun way to motivate your pupils as they compete against other classes and schools.

Over 48,000 classes take part every year, answering over 3.5 billion questions! It’s a great opportunity for pupils to practise maths, have fun and boost their confidence.

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Sumdog Maths Week Scotland 2023 22nd - 28th September

Maths Week Scotland

If you're in Scotland, your next contest will be Sumdog's Maths Week Scotland celebration, taking place 22nd - 28th September!

The contest is a great way to motivate pupils to practise maths and develop fluency as they answer personalised questions in game format. Children across the country can celebrate together as they play to win exciting prizes, including a real-life trophy.

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Join your next Maths contest

Celebrate the start of a new school year with a fun maths contest from Sumdog!

If you're in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, your next regional contest will take place 13th - 19th October.

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How do contests work?

Whether they're learning in school or at home, your pupils can play alongside their classmates using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
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Easy to try

You can try out Sumdog and enter your next local contest by requesting a trial for your school.
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Fair & adaptive

Questions are personalised and scores are based on accuracy, so everyone competes at their own level – and any class can win.
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Fun and engaging

Pupils simply answer maths questions while playing Sumdog's super fun online activities - they can even do it as homework!
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Prizes to be won

There are lots of prizes up for grabs, from  participation prizes to Sumdog coins, and certificates of achievement! 

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Download our free Sumdog resources to celebrate pupil achievements and encourage school-wide participation!
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Sumdog Contest Poster

Print this poster and put it on your noticeboard to encourage pupils and colleagues to join in the fun!


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Achievement Certificate

Want to reward your pupils for their hard work during the contest? Download and personalise these printable certificates.


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Parent Contest Letter

Let parents know about the contest so they can encourage and motivate children to play at home.


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'Sumdog is amazing! All the pupils love playing the interactive games and even more so when they can compete against each other!'


Lynne McClelland, Teacher

Airdrie Academy, UK


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