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    If you're in Scotland, your next regional contest will take place 14th - 20th June.

    If you're in England or Wales, your next regional contest will take place 12th - 19th July.

    These will be the final contests of the school year, so celebrate summer with Sumdog! Will your class be champions?

    Trinity St Peters Primary Regional Contest Winners

    Maths Week Scotland

    Coming soon! 20th - 26th September 2024

    Motivate your pupils and encourage teamwork as they battle it out against schools across the country to storm to the top of the leaderboard. Will your class be Maths Week Scotland champions?

    Maths Week Scotland 2024

    How do contests work?

    Whether they're learning in school or at home, your pupils can play alongside their classmates using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

    Easy to try

    Easy to try

    You can try out Sumdog and enter your next local contest by requesting a trial for your school.
    Fair & adaptive

    Fair & adaptive

    Questions are personalised and scores are based on accuracy, so everyone competes at their own level – and any class can win.
    Fun and engaging

    Fun and engaging

    Pupils simply answer maths questions while playing Sumdog's super fun online activities - they can even do it as homework!
    Prizes to be won

    Prizes to be won

    There are lots of prizes up for grabs, from  participation prizes to Sumdog coins, and certificates of achievement!

    New to Sumdog?

    Request a trial, then enter.

    Already use Sumdog?

    Log in and enter your class.

    Get involved

    Download our free Sumdog resources to celebrate pupil achievements and encourage school-wide participation!

    Sumdog Contest Poster

    Sumdog Contest Poster

    Print this poster and put it on your noticeboard to encourage pupils and colleagues to join in the fun!


    Achievement Certificate

    Achievement Certificate

    Want to reward your pupils for their hard work during the contest? Download and personalise these printable certificates.


    Parent Contest Letter

    Parent Contest Letter

    Let parents know about the contest so they can encourage and motivate children to play at home.


    'Sumdog is amazing! All the pupils love playing the interactive games and even more so when they can compete against each other!'


    Lynne McClelland, Teacher
    Airdrie Academy, UK


    We're here to help!

    Can't find the answer you're looking for? Check out our Contests Suport Centre or get in touch with our Support team.

    1. How do I take part in a contest?

    If you're new to Sumdog, you will need to get in touch with our team who can help set your class up to try out Sumdog through the next upcoming Sumdog contest.

    If you have an existing free Sumdog account, you will be able to take part in upcoming contests until April 2023 with no charge. After this, you will need to either purchase a Sumdog subscription or request a trial.

    2. What year groups can take part?

    Sumdog is aimed at children ages 5 - 14.

    3. How will the contests know what questions to ask my pupils?

    Prior to the start of the contest, we would recommend that you have your pupils log in to Sumdog so they can complete their diagnostic test. This places them at their ability level.

    The questions asked during the contest will be based on their diagnostic test score.

    4. Is there a minimum or maximum class size to enter a contest?

    To make our contest fair, there is a minimum of 5 pupils per class. The maximum class size is 35.

    5. How do pupils take part in the contest?

    Once the contest has started, your pupils will be able to see the name of the contest in their Activity Panel. Below that, they will be able to view how many questions they have left to answer in the contest.

    Only the questions answered as part of the contest will count towards the contest score. If your pupils are still in the process of doing their diagnostic test, these answers won't count.

    If your pupils aren't able to see the contest name in their Activity Panel, do make sure that they have completed their diagnostic test and that they have not selected another activity. Check that the correct class has been entered.

    6. Is there a time limit or set number of questions they have to complete?

    We do not have a time limit for our contests. Pupils can log in any time during the contest period to answer questions.

    We know that not all pupils have access to devices outside of school so, to make the contest fair, we do have a 1000 question limit. This means that once a pupil has answered 1000 questions in the contest, any questions after that will not count towards their contest score.

    On the contest task, pupils will be able to see a 'Questions remaining' box, showing them how many questions they have left.

    7. How long are the contests?

    Our Sumdog maths contests run for a week starting on Friday at 8am (local time) and end on the following Thursday at 8pm (local time).

    During the contest period, pupils can log in at any time to answer the questions, either in school or at home).

    8. How are the scores calculated?

    The individual pupil scores are calculated based on correct answers. Each correct answer will equal 1 contest point.

    Class scored are calculated on a class average. This is done to make it fair for both larger and smaller classes.

    Scores on the leaderboards are not final until the Friday after the contest ends.

    9. Where can I view my class scores?

    You will be able to view your class scores on the contest leaderboard. You can log into your teacher account and view the leaderboard here.

    Select the contest you would like to view from the list and click 'classes' under the leaderboard heading.

    Scores on the leaderboards are not final until the Friday after the contest ends.

    10. What prizes can we win?

    • All pupils who have answered 100 questions will receive a virtual item for their Sumdog house. This item will be delivered automatically as a gift to their account.
    • Each pupil in the winning class will receive virtual Sumdog coins to spend on items for their house or garden.
    • The top 10 pupils overall will receive a printable certificate.
    • The top class each day will receive a printable daily winner certificate (a class can only be the Daily Winner once during the contest).