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  • Develop number fluency

    A good understanding of times tables, and the ability to recall them quickly, is an essential foundation for children’s learning. Those children with a strong grasp of multiplication tables are more confident in their calculations and tend to be more self-assured when learning new mathematical concepts.

    Read our 1-page guide below to find out more about our tables tools.

    Develop number fluency

    Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

    Mapped to the DfE’s specifications, our  MTC tool familiarises children with the layout of the check and rewards their effort with coins to spend in their house, keeping them motivated and engaged in their learning.

    Reporting functionality also enables you to view, save and share pupils’ accuracy to inform your teaching.

    Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

    Speak to our team to access our tables practice and more!

    Sumdog Tables Practice

    1.  You choose which tables you want children to practice, how many questions you want them to answer, and how long the practice will run for.
    2.  Pupils play their favourite game whilst focusing on your chosen tables. For every correct answer, they're rewarded with Sumdog coins!
    3.  With our heatmap, you can quickly see where they're struggling and identify tables that need some extra practice.

    Sumdog Tables Pack

    Check out free resources designed to help you support your pupils with their times tables:

    • The Sumdog Pathway to Multiplication Success
    • Lesson Plans for Year 2 and Year 4
    • Downloadable times tables cards
    • An overview of the MTC
    • And more!
    Image of Sumdog Tables Pack

    'It has been their favourite maths activity this week. The children in my class have thoroughly enjoyed playing the games on Sumdog. They especially like playing against each other. They have been asking every day as soon as they come into the class if they can do Sumdog.'


    Karen Cassells, Teacher
    Barsail Primary School, UK