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  • Engage and motivate with Sumdog Maths

    A Sumdog Premium subscription unlocks over 30 games, entry to our termly contests, teacher tools, low-stakes tests and advanced reports. This enables you to:

    • target fun and personalised maths practice on specific maths skills
    • easily identify gaps and misconceptions
    • demonstrate pupil progress and plan next steps in your teaching.
    Sumdog Goalz maths game

    Maths practice tailored to each pupil

    Our maths diagnostic tool gives you a snapshot of pupils’ learning. It produces an easy-to-read, stranded report, aligned to your curriculum so you can quickly see each pupils’ strengths and areas for development. The tool then sets personalised questions for each pupil tailored to their needs, to develop their skills and keep them motivated.

    Sumdog maths diagnostic

    Make times tables fun

    Sumdog provides targeted practice for all key maths skills, but we recognise that the ability to recall and understand multiplication tables helps children grow more confident in their maths and lays the foundation for grasping trickier maths concepts.

    Our times table practice tools include a Multiplication Tables Check replica, mapped to the DfE’s specifications, to help children practice and prepare for their check.

    Sumdog Times Tables

    Formative tests

    We’ve developed a ready-made bank of low-stakes tests, supported by a grant from Nesta and the Department for Education’s R&D Programme, to help you evaluate what children have learned and assess where they may need some extra support – all whilst in the familiar environment of Sumdog!

    With tests aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence, ready-to-progress criteria and White Rose Maths scheme of work, Sumdog complements what you’re already teaching and saves you time.

    Sumdog Assessment Library

    'It has been their favourite maths activity this week. The children in my class have thoroughly enjoyed playing the games on Sumdog. They especially like playing against each other. They have been asking every day as soon as they come into the class if they can do Sumdog.'


    Karen Cassells, Teacher
    Barsail Primary School, UK