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Developed by experts

Sumdog has been developed with the help of teachers and educational experts around the world.  Effectiveness studies and case studies, together with regular focus groups and questionnaires, guide our pedagogy. In addition, consultation from independent experts and data analysis help refine our educational algorithms and user experience.

Impact study

Impact study

A recent study demonstrated that using Sumdog for just 30 minutes a week almost doubled children’s fluency progress. With Sumdog, you can easily see pupil activity at a glance and the powerful diagnostic tool enables you to quickly identify strengths and areas for development.

Case studies

Case studies

Sumdog has been developed with the help of teachers and educational experts around the world. We regularly carry out case studies with schools to highlight how regular use can positively impact children’s learning.

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More research

At Sumdog it’s important to regularly conduct external research. Here’s a selection of some recent studies carried out.

Closes the gap

During the 2017 – 18 school year, we measured the numeracy attainment gap between pupils in the least and the most deprived schools. Among pupils averaging at least 30 minutes per week on Sumdog, this gap shrank by 20%, using Sumdog’s diagnostic measures.

Additional progress

We compared pupils using Sumdog frequently with those using it less. Those averaging over 1 hour weekly made 1½ years’ curriculum progress.

Improved proficiency

Validated by Dr. Afi Y. Wiggins from Texas State University, this study uses a quasi-experimental pre-test post-test design to explore the correlation between time spent on Sumdog and mathematics proficiency.

Increased confidence

This research paper looks at the effectiveness of Sumdog’s game-based learning to improve children’s mental mathematics, finding that 75% of the children said playing Sumdog had given them more confidence in maths