Sumdog Premium

Sumdog Premium helps pupils develop fluency and build confidence with personalised maths and spelling practice. Now with a library of low-stakes tests, aligned to the National Curriculum, ready-to-progress criteria and White Rose Maths scheme of learning.

What can you do with Sumdog Premium?

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Set low-stakes online tests

Provide an informal way of gauging where children need extra support and practice.

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Easily identify gaps and misconceptions

View results in real-time with an easy-to-interpret overview, demonstrate pupil progress and inform next steps.

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Motivate and engage

Access for your pupils to over 30 single and multiplayer games, with new games added every year!

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Boost spelling and grammar practice

Boost literacy progress with real-voice read aloud questions and our custom word list tool.

Our subscriptions


  • Over 30 games for KS1-3 (Maths)
  • Set curriculum-aligned maths practice on all topics
  • Entry into regular online maths contests
  • Ready-made bank with hundreds of low-stakes tests
  • In-depth auto-marked reporting
  • Access to Sumdog PD Courses
  • Set-up support with auto-rostering via Wonde available.
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Spelling & Grammar

  • Over 30 games for KS1-2 (Spelling & Grammar)
  • Real voice read aloud questions
  • Custom word list tool with over 15,000 words to choose from
  • Spelling tests and auto-marked reports
  • Access to Sumdog PD Courses
  • Set-up support with auto-rostering via Wonde available.


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NEW: All Subjects + PD Courses

  • NEW On-demand PD Courses
  • Maths Premium
  • Spelling & Grammar Premium
  • Set-up support with auto-rostering via Wonde available.

Save up to 30% when purchasing 2 subjects!


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If you have any questions about Sumdog Premium or would like a quote for your school, please get in touch so a member of our team can get back to you. 

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“The thing I found particularly useful was the at-a-glance gradients of colour to show areas of strengths and weaknesses across the class - it's not just red, amber, green. The age-related placement was also very helpful. ”

Adele Key

Woodlea School, UK

“Sumdog is amazing! All the pupils love playing the interactive games and more so when they can compete against each other! The contests give it another level of learning. Pupils want to do well. They want to get questions correct, to up the class average.”

Lynne McClelland

Teacher, Airdrie Academy