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Learning times tables is a key part of maths education. It's like having a toolbox when you're building something; knowing your times tables helps you solve maths problems faster and easier.

Why Times Tables Matter

  1. Speed: When you know your times tables, you can answer maths questions quickly. This is super helpful during tests when time is limited.

  2. Building Block: Times tables are the foundation for more advanced maths topics like division, fractions, and algebra.

  3. Confidence: Knowing your times tables by heart can boost your confidence in maths class. It feels great to raise your hand with the answer ready!

  4. Real Life: We use multiplication in everyday life, like when we calculate the cost of multiple items or figure out how much time we have left.

Learning multiplication can be fun if you use the right strategies. Here are five engaging ways to help pupils master their times tables:


Musical Multiplication

Integrating music into maths lessons can turn monotonous drills into toe-tapping learning sessions. Create catchy tunes or find songs dedicated to times tables. Before you know it, your class will be humming their way through multiplication facts, proving that a bit of melody makes memory tick.

Children singing in class

Creative Competitions

Why not spice things up a bit with a friendly contest? Divide your class into teams for a times tables tournament. This playful rivalry encourages children to think on their feet and reinforces their quick recall. Introduce buzzers for a game show vibe, and watch as enthusiasm surges. And remember, while we adore the spirit of competition, fostering teamwork is always the true victory.

Real-World Scenarios

Step out of the abstract! Multiplication is everywhere, from grocery shopping to cooking. Have your pupils embark on mathematical scavenger hunts where they must solve real-life problems involving times tables. Crafting lesson plans that require multiplying to figure out quantities or prices demonstrates just how essential and practical these number skills truly are.

Crafty Maths

Let their creativity flow by incorporating arts and crafts into multiplication practice. Think of creating a times table collage or building geometric shapes that require an understanding of multiples. Hands-on activities cater to those kinesthetic learners who grasp concepts best by doing rather than just seeing or listening.

Two children doing tables practice on Sumdog

Gamify with Technology

Multiplication apps can be a great resource for teachers who want to make learning maths more fun and engaging for their pupils. These apps offer a variety of interactive games that turn times tables into quests and challenges, making it easy for pupils to learn without even realising it. Imagine the excitement of mastering a level by quickly solving multiplication problems - it's like accomplishing two goals at once!

Sumdog's game-based learning approach makes learning times tables enjoyable and engaging for young learners, enabling them to achieve fluency in a fun way.


Want to learn more about boosting times tables fluency using Sumdog?

Our expert training manager, Mara Young, will be running a live webinar to demonstrate how Sumdog can help you customise your practice tasks to concentrate on specific tables that may require more attention. Additionally, she will provide you with a sneak peek at our new question format, which is exclusively designed for tables practice.

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