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Assessment plays a vital role in education, guiding both teaching strategy and pupil understanding. Pre and post testing in maths provides snapshots of a pupil's journey, aiding teachers in tailoring instruction and fostering growth. Sumdog’s bank of curriculum-aligned, ready-made tests save teachers valuable time and allow them to track their pupils’ progress throughout the year. With its engaging and interactive approach, Sumdog makes assessment an integral part of the learning process.

The Starting Block: The Significance of Pre-Testing

Pre-testing is like looking at a road map before starting an adventure. It informs teachers about their pupils' current knowledge, skills, and misconceptions before new instruction begins. Here's how it serves as an invaluable tool:

➡️ Identifies baseline knowledge: Pinpoints exactly what each child knows.

➡️ Guides instructional planning: Helps teachers plan to address the diverse needs within the classroom.

➡️ Sets growth measurements: Establishes a starting line from which progress can be measured.

By conducting pre-tests, teachers can differentiate instruction meticulously, ensuring that every lesson hits home.

Tracking Progress with Post-Testing

Following the learning period, post-testing acts as a reflective mirror showcasing the growth and areas still needing polish. This pivotal tool has several benefits:

➡️ Evaluates achievement: Clearly demonstrates what pupils have learned.

➡️ Informs future teaching: Highlights topics that need reteaching or further exploration.

➡️ Motivates pupils: Allows learners to see their own growth, boosting morale and motivation.

Sealing the loop of instruction with a well-crafted post-test can solidify concepts and pave the way for advanced learning.

The Transformative Power of Pre and Post-Testing

Pre and post-testing on Sumdog isn't just about number and graphs - it's about fostering an environment where pupils can thrive in maths. This cyclical assessment method offers a dynamic way to customise learning, resulting in more confident teachers and more capable, motivated pupils.

Using Sumdog's library of ready-made tests prior to covering a skill or topic, teachers can identify any gaps in knowledge and inform teaching practices. Following this, teachers can then repeat tests to show pupil progression.


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The journey doesn't end with post-testing. It's a continuous cycle of learning, teaching, and growing. As educators, tapping into the potential of Sumdog's tests provides a path to not only enhance pupil learning but also refine teaching methodologies for the digital age.

How can pre-testing improve individual learning paths for pupils

Pre-testing allows teachers to discover each child's baseline abilities, tailor instruction to their unique needs, and set realistic, personalised targets ensuring a more efficient and focused educational experience.

What are some effective methods to make use of post-test data?

Beyond measuring progress, post-test data can spotlight areas needing reinforcement, drive discussions for strategic intervention, and facilitate pupil reflection in their own learning progression.

Can Sumdog's testing features help with classroom management?

Absolutely. By providing real-time data and clear indications of pupils' understanding, teachers can group pupils effectively, manage differentiated instruction, and maintain a pulse on the overall performance levels of their class.

Want to learn more about pre and post-testing on Sumdog?

Our expert training manager Mara Young has recorded two on-demand videos that demonstrate how teachers can make use of Sumdog's bank of ready-made Curriculum for Excellence and White Rose Maths aligned tests to help you track pupil progress.

Watch the video

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