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  • Flexible short courses

    Flexible short courses

    Dip in and out of our course to fit in with your busy work schedule. We have 6 different courses that cover a wide range of ways Sumdog can be used. 

    Instructional videos

    Instructional videos

    Short videos show you how Sumdog can be used. The short videos have been built into a course format on Thinkific with quizzes to test your knowledge. 



    At the end of the course, you will receive your certificate of completion. To spread the knowledge you can share links with your colleagues.

    Our PD courses support Sumdog Premium subscriptions

    Take a look at our courses

    Sumdog PD courses have been designed to help teachers build confidence in using Sumdog and give them ideas on how Sumdog can be used in variety of ways.  These courses can be used by class teachers, maths leads or as part of a departmental training session. 

    Understanding Sumdog's diagnostic

    Learn about Sumdog's diagnostic tool and which assesses the pupils and provides easy-to-read stranded reports. This course has 5 modules covering both the teacher and the pupil side. 


    Formative assessment

    During this course we will show you how Sumdog can be used to assess learning in the classroom. This course has 3 modules showing how the assessment tool can be used in two different ways. 


    Sumdog's Spelling tools

    After completing this course you will be able to use the spelling tools to create fun and engaging spelling practice. This course has 3 modules showcasing how it can be used with your class. 


    Using Sumdog in the classroom

    Discover how Sumdog teacher's tools can be in a maths lesson. During this course, we will take you through a maths lesson and demonstrate how Sumdog can be used in each part. 


    Using Sumdog to fill gaps

    This course will show you how Sumdog can be used to identify and fill gaps. We will look at the assessment tools to identify the gaps and how the practice tool can help address those gaps. 


    Need further support with your Sumdog Premium subscription?

    Contact us to discuss how we can better support your needs with tailored PD resources for your school.