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Sumdog's Maths and Spelling curriculum offers full alignment to the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence, with high-quality multiple-choice questions and a personalised learning journey that supports a mastery approach. From basic number facts to problem-solving questions, it covers the entire curriculum, making learning engaging and effective.

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Our huge bank of curriculum-aligned maths questions helps children to build fluency through regular practice and allows teachers to identify areas for improvement.
  • Aligned to all UK curriculums for children aged 5-14
  • Includes more than 450,000 high-quality, multiple-choice questions
  • Read aloud questions to support your learners

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Practise spelling in a fun and engaging way. Our questions draw from a huge bank of carefully chosen words and skills; providing comprehensive coverage of several leading spelling schemes and word lists.

  • Aligned to the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 and CfE 1st and 2nd level
  • Over 260 ready-made spelling lists covering a variety of sounds, rules, and patterns.
  • Create your own word lists from a bank of over 16,000 words

View our National Curriculum spelling coverage

View our CfE spelling coverage

NEW: White Rose Maths curriculum alignment

Our new Sumdog scheme of learning aligned to the White Rose Maths small steps is here and is available at no extra cost for schools. Be the first to try it out to see how Sumdog can help support your learners with their maths practice.


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Curriculum Resources

We have a range of free schemes of learning, assessment frameworks and teacher guides to help teachers:
  • easily view Sumdog's curriculum alignment

  • set and track assessments on Sumdog to skills your teaching in class

  • discover how Sumdog can support your learner's conceptual understanding, close the attainment gap and other challenges you school may be facing.

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