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Sumdog’s in-game questions align to the National Curriculum for KS1-KS3.

  • High-quality, multiple choice questions
  • Adaptive questions tailored to each individual
  • Personalised learning journey supports a mastery approach
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White Rose Maths curriculum alignment

Our new Sumdog curriculum aligned to the White Rose Maths small steps will be released this August in time for back to school. Be the first to try it out from 5th June to see how Sumdog can help support your learners with their maths practice. 

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Sumdog's White Rose Maths assessments

Personalised learning

As children play Sumdog, the questions adapt to their own level, providing a personalised learning experience for each individual. Pupils move through their own learning journey cycle, with topics marked as ‘mastered’ once they’ve achieved a rolling accuracy of 80%.

Pupils can play and learn alongside each other, while working towards their own personalised goals, boosting their confidence and reducing any anxiety they might be feeling.

Children answering maths questions on tablets


Sumdog maths includes more than 450,000 high-quality, multiple choice question, grouped in around 2,000 ‘steps’ and then categorised further into a curriculum of skills aligned to the National Curriculum. In building our maths curriculum and low-stakes assessments, our Curricula team have worked with a number of educational experts to make setting maths practice and informal assessments quick and easy.

Children answering spelling questions on tablets


At Sumdog we continue to review and improve our alignments and our most recent update has been the spelling curriculum. Using a host of literacy experts we have now over 260 ‘skills’ covering a variety of sounds, rules, and patterns. Our custom word list tool has over 16,000 words to help you build your own lists.


16 May 2023
Later this year we’ll be releasing a new curriculum on Sumdog aligned to version 3.0 of the White Rose Maths scheme of learning. Teachers ...
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