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Measure the progress between tests

Sumdog has recently introduced a new feature that enables you to retake an assessment and compare your scores with the previous ones. This feature is especially helpful in monitoring your progress and identifying areas where you may require additional support. To use this feature, simply retake the initial assessment and note the difference in scores to see how you've progressed.

New measuring progress

As well as loving the games and competition element - the teachers appreciate the fact that they can set up a focused assessment in minutes, and have it completed, marked and analysed instantaneously - which can then lead to high-quality focused teaching in class. The ability to carry out both prior and post-learning assessments is excellent.

J. Moorhouse, Class Teacher, St Saviour CE School, Manchester, England

Speak to our team about using Sumdog for pre and post-testing


1. What do we mean by pre and post-testing?

Pre-testing highlights pupils' initial knowledge and pinpoints areas that need special attention.

Post-testing measures progress and spotlight areas needing reinforcement and intervention.

2. What are Sumdog's ready-made tests?

Sumdog has a bank of ready-made low-stakes tests available in our library for you to set before a topic or to help gauge understanding of what you've just taught. These tests are aligned to a number of curriculums and schemes of learning such as National Curriculum, Curriculum for Excellence, Ready-to-progress and White Rose Maths.

3. What sort of tests can I create using the Custom Assessments tool?

You can create tests that assess one or multiple skills, or cover a variety of topics.

4. What data can I see on the test reports?

In the report you can see:

  • How many pupils have completed the test and how many have not started the test
  • The distribution of scores for those who have completed the test
  • The most challenging questions. This highlights the questions with the lowest number of pupils answering correctly, among those who have completed the test
  • The pupils with the highest and lowest scores

If this is a repeat of a previous test then you will also see a list of pupils who have completed the test and their score for the 1st test, their score for the repeat test and the difference between the scores of these two tests. 


Harnessing the Power of Assessment: Pre and Post-Testing on Sumdog

Assessment plays a vital role in education, guiding both teaching strategy and pupil understanding.…