Engaging games that children love

We know that kids who enjoy their learning are more likely to practise and therefore more likely to improve.

That’s why we’re committed to delivering interactive games that offer variety and excitement to keep them engaged!

Image of child playing Chef on Sumdog 700 x 513
Image of children playing Sumdog in class 700 x 513

How we make learning fun

Through exciting 3D avatars, virtual coin rewards and instant feedback, we’re committed to helping children enjoy their learning and feel motivated to continue.

Download our guide to find out how we use our Sumdog games to engage children.

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Sumdog Games

We’ve got over 30 games to play, in-class or at home. Take a look at our 3 most recently added games…
Screenshot of Sumdog Dance 480x440


Dance in time with the stars and show off your awesome moves! Now with new dance moves and music, as well as the 3D avatar.

Great for kids of all ages.

Screenshot of Sumdog Lava Jump 480x440

Lava jump

Jump over lava as you answer questions correctly and compete against other players to see who can get the furthest through the cave!

A simple game that's good for younger kids or those new to Sumdog.

Screenshot of Sumdog Best Dressed 480x440

Best Dressed

Are you ready to go to the beach? Or the park? Dress your avatar the best for where you're going and you'll win the game!

Great for kids of most ages.

'Sumdog is amazing! All the pupils love playing the interactive games and more so when they can compete against each other!'


Lynne McClelland, Teacher

Airdrie Academy, UK