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How Sumdog Can Support Your Pupil Premium Strategy

What is pupil premium?

The pupil premium grant is funding given by the UK government to state-funded schools in England to improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged children aged 5-16.

With the overall aim being to decrease the widening attainment gap, the UK government states that 'every child should be given the chance to realise their potential at school, regardless of their background'.

Download our guide now (PDF 1.51 MB)


How should pupil premium funding be spent?

The Education Endowment Foundation has provided evidence-based guidelines for schools to support teachers with an effective approach to pupil premium spending. According to UK government guidelines, as part of their pupil premium strategy, schools must allocate funds across three specific areas:

1.  High quality teaching

To ensure there is an effective teacher in front of every class. Strategies may include further training, professional development and support for teachers at the beginning of their career.

2.  Targeted academic support

To provide extra resources for individuals or groups of pupils who are struggling in class. Strategies may include tutoring, supported study groups or implementing educational platforms into classroom learning.

3.  Wider strategies

To target non-academic challenges to success such as attendance, behaviour, and social/emotional support. Strategies may include introducing collaborative learning in the form of outdoor activities, group projects and team problem solving.


How can Sumdog help to improve outcomes for your school?

Sumdog’s mission is to narrow the attainment gap by helping every child reach their full potential. We aim to boost the confidence of disengaged pupils while giving teachers the tools to identify and nurture those in need of extra support.

To help you understand how Sumdog can be used to support your school's pupil premium needs, we've put together a simple guide that:

➡️ Explains how Sumdog can help identify challenges faced by disadvantaged pupils

➡️ Highlights the ways our platform supports high quality teaching and learning

➡️ Demonstrates how Sumdog can be incorporated into your pupil premium strategy.


Download our guide now (PDF 1.51 MB)



‘We love the flexibility of Sumdog and have used it in a number of ways with our pupils. Teachers use it as a lesson or TAs may use it with a group of pupils to help work on their mathematical fluency and knowledge – Sumdog is brilliant for that. It definitely helps with fluency and recall, without a doubt.’

Neil Kelsall, Specialist Leader of Education, 
Oasis Community Learning 





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