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    Games-based learning

    Games-based learning

    Virtual rewards and instant feedback engage and motivate your pupils to enjoy their learning. Now with over 30 games to choose from!

    Sumdog choosing National curriculum skills to practice

    Personalised practice

    Set differentiated practice for groups or individuals to keep everyone together and reduce any anxiety around maths ability. Supports maths mastery!

    Assess and analyse

    Assess and analyse

    Use our ready-made informal online tests to make assessing easy for you and fun for your class. You can even build your own!

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    What is Sumdog?

    Sumdog is a games-based adaptive-learning app that tailors curriculum-aligned questions to each child's unique level. 
    Used at home and in schools across the UK, we can help you inspire and motivate even your most disengaged learners to help build their confidence and enjoy learning.  

    Check out our latest games!

    Leaf Leap

    Leaf Leap

    Jump up the leaves of the trees to get lots of fruit. Time it right and you can scale the 3 trees in no time! Suitable for all ages as there is a hard mode and a normal mode.

    Cosmic Cascade 2 gif

    Cosmic Cascade

    Release your marble at the right time to dodge the spaceships. Go through the stars for a high score! Suitable for all ages. 

    Labyrinth gif


    Navigate your way through the enchanting garden labyrinth in search of the elusive rabbit. Use the hints provided to guide you on your quest. Great for kids of all age groups.

    Curriculum-aligned questions

    Sumdog Maths and Spelling questions are fully aligned to the National Curriculum. Teachers and parents can set practice around specific skills or allow Sumdog to help children master their learning and progress.

    “The realignment of the curriculum has been an absolute game-changer. All the content is easily categorised and it makes it even easier to set practice tasks and tests.”

    Nathan Crame

    Nathan Crame

    Head of Maths, Littlegarth School

    Sumdog's choose skills national curriculum

    Sumdog works!

    Sumdog is independently proven to almost double children’s fluency progress with just 30 minutes of practice each week. That’s why over 7500 schools in the UK are already using us to master key skills.

    "We know short bursts of just 10-15 minutes on Sumdog each day can have a big impact"


    Neil Kelsall

    Lead Practitioner, Oasis Community Learning

    "It definitely helps with fluency and recall, without a doubt.”

    Jo Quince

    Jo Quince

    Director of Education, Tennyson Learning Community