Engaging spelling games-based practice

  • Enjoy 32 fun and engaging spelling practice games for students aged 5-11
  • Created and reviewed by a team of teachers and literacy experts

  • Aligned to key state standards & Fry and Dolch sight word lists
  • Use in-class or at home with students
  • Topic words skills to aid teaching of other subjects

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 1.7MB)
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Over 30 games to play

Students can enjoy over 30 adaptive learning games to help build their fluency and confidence as they practice their spelling skills. With virtual rewards and a brand-new 3D avatar to personalize, your class will be motivated to keep learning on Sumdog and have lots of fun along the way!
Sumdog's custom word lists

Custom word lists


Create and save custom word lists, choosing from over 16,000 words that you want students to practice. These lists can cover key spelling patterns or sounds or match a particular unit in a scheme of work  you might be using or topic you’re covering in other subjects. 

Spelling read-aloud questions

Read-aloud questions

Our read-aloud questions are read by a real human voice not a robot, so every word is clear and high quality. Each word is read alone, followed by the word being used in a sentence. This method provides context and understanding of how words should be used, and facilitates the learning of words and letter patterns.

“This program targets several objectives at one time. My ELD students are the ones that are benefiting from it the most - they are spelling, listening and writing all in one game. This is a great educational game.”


Noemi Escalante, Teacher

Clawson Elementary School, AZ, USA

Sumdog's Common Core ELA Spelling SoL

Common Core spelling scheme of learning

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 927KB)
Sumdogs Common Core ELA Spelling skills and words - image 480x440

Common Core spelling skills and word lists

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 744KB)
Sumdog's Super Speller Certificate

Sumdog's Super Speller Certificate

Download (PDF 238KB)
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