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  • Sumdog Terms of Use

    Whenever you use Sumdog, you must make sure that you understand and accept these terms of use. If you don’t understand them, please ask someone – for example, a parent or teacher – to help you with them.

    If you are a student, you need permission from a parent, a guardian or (when at school) a teacher before you use Sumdog. Also, your parent, guardian or teacher will need to register on your behalf. There may be additional restrictions, which vary from country to country, below certain age limits.

    If you’re a parent or a teacher registering for a child to use Sumdog, you are also responsible for making sure your children don’t break these terms.

    • About Sumdog
    • Teacher Users
    • Student Users
    • Parent Users
    • Using Sumdog
    • Your data
    • Copyright and copying
    • Sumdog schools
    • Sumdog subscriptions
    • Delivery
    • Sumdog subscriptions for schools
    • Sumdog subscriptions for parents and guardians
    • Third parties and external links
    • Changes to these terms
    • Other terms

    About Sumdog

    The website http://www.sumdog.com, including all related Sumdog materials and merchandise (from now on, we’ll call all these “Sumdog”) is operated by Sumdog Ltd (from now on, “We”, “Our” or “Us”), of which Sumdog Inc is a subsidiary.

    These terms are a legal agreement between You and Us. Every time you use Sumdog, in any way, you show that you accept these terms.

    In these Terms of Use,

    • “Personal Information” means information which allows an individual to be identified;
    • “Children’s Personal Information” means Personal Information collected from users under the age of 18;
    • “Device” means the electronic device with which you access and use Sumdog;
    • “Teacher User” means a user who has registered for a Sumdog teacher login;
    • “Parent User” means a user who has registered for a Sumdog parent login;
    • “Student User” means a user who has been given login details for a Sumdog student login from a Parent User or a Teacher User;
    • “Sumdog Family” means a family account on Sumdog, set up by a Parent User
    • “Sumdog School” means a school account on Sumdog, set up by a Teacher User
    • “Educational Institution” has the definition given below, in the Teacher Users section.

    Teacher Users

    To sign up for a Sumdog teacher account, you must be:

    • over 18 years of age, and
    • employed to work with students by a recognized Educational Institution (Your Educational Institution)

    We define an Educational Institution as a bricks-and-mortar institution, which

    • is located at a single postal address, with a single internet connection;
    • educates students who physically attend the institution (away from their normal homes);
    • employs professional educators to teach those students or is governed by a district or local authority/government who employ professional educators to teach those students.

    As a Teacher User of Sumdog, you undertake to

    • keep your login secure;
    • take reasonable precautions to maintain the security of logins for students at Your Educational Institution

    Student Users

    If you are under 18:

    • you are only permitted to log in to Sumdog as a Student User
    • before you can log in as a Student User, a parent, guardian or teacher must create an account for you. They do this by first creating a parent or teacher account for themselves.

    Parent Users

    You may only sign up as a Parent User if you are over 18 years of age.

    Using Sumdog

    You may:

    • use Sumdog only for your personal education and entertainment, or for teaching students in Your Institution, or for the personal education and entertainment of members of your Family;
    • download, store or print materials on Sumdog, for your own personal use, or for use at Your Institution, or by members of your Family.

    And when using Sumdog, you agree that you will:

    • show respect and consideration to other users;
    • be responsible for any actions which take place under your Sumdog login, and under any Sumdog logins you create, including payment of any fees incurred;
    • keep your login details private, and tell us straight away if you think someone knows them, or has used them;
    • give us true, complete information about yourself, and about any users for whom you create logins, and tell us if it changes;
    • only use Sumdog in a manner that is consistent with these Terms and Conditions.

    And you accept that…

    • we can’t promise that Sumdog will always be available, or that you’ll always be able to access it;
    • we will not necessarily monitor all of the materials put on Sumdog by its users;
    • we may remove or change the services Sumdog offers if we wish.

    And you agree that you will NOT try to do these things:

    • Use someone else’s Sumdog login, or any parts of Sumdog that you’re not authorized to use;
    • Give us false information about yourself, or about anyone else, or pretend to be someone you aren’t;
    • Do something likely to offend or hurt another Sumdog user;
    • Alter or disrupt Sumdog;
    • Put onto Sumdog, or send through Sumdog…
    1. personal information about anyone, including real name or contact details, except when we ask you;
    2. bulk messages, commercial messages, chain letters or anything like these;
    3. anything which may disrupt or harm software, hardware or communications;
    4. anything which untrue, illegal, inappropriate, or which may be offensive or damaging to others;
    5. anything which infringes someone else’s rights or privacy.

    …or help anyone else to try to do these things.

    If you use Sumdog in any way that doesn’t fit with these Terms, we may do whatever we think is necessary, including immediately terminating your use of Sumdog.

    Your data

    When you use Sumdog, we may collect data from you. Please make sure you read and understand our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which describe the data we collect, and what we do with it.

    Copyright and copying

    Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, or in writing by us, we own the copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in any materials on Sumdog. Emojis in Shadow Maze designed by OpenMoji – the open-source emoji and icon project. License: CC BY-SA 4.0. The font Curse Casual is used under licence from GrandChaos9000, under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0. Icons are used under licence from Fontawesome.

    When you put any materials on Sumdog, you accept that…

    • we may choose to monitor what you put on Sumdog;
    • you keep all rights you have in those materials;
    • you may not submit anything owned by someone else, unless they have given you permission first;
    • if we think it’s right to do so, we may remove your materials, or to refuse to make them available;
    • you grant us an irrevocable, unlimited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use your materials, or create work based on them, in whatever way we wish;
    • you irrevocably and unconditionally waive the benefit of any provision of law known as moral rights of authors, or any similar law in any country, for ever, in respect of that material.

    And you confirm that…

    • you have the right to put those materials on Sumdog

    And you may not…

    • reproduce, or make available to others, Sumdog’s content;
    • modify or create derivative works from Sumdog’s content.

    … or help anyone else to do any of these things, unless you already have written permission from Sumdog.

    Sumdog Schools

    If you set up or join a Sumdog school, you must make sure that

    • the account is set up on behalf of the Educational Institution that employs you;
    • only staff who are currently employed by Your Educational Institution to work with its students can be teacher members of that Sumdog School;
    • only students who are currently educated at your Educational Institution can be student members of that Sumdog School;
    • if you give us anyone else’s personal data, you warrant that you have all required permissions for doing so.

    If you are a member of, or wish to join, a Sumdog School that doesn’t meet any of these conditions, you should contact us.

    If you have a Sumdog teacher account, and cease to be a member of staff at the Sumdog School you have joined, you must leave that account. If this is prevented by the site (for example, if you’re the last teacher remaining on the account) you should contact us.

    Sumdog Subscriptions

    The benefits of each Sumdog subscription will be published on Sumdog. We may change the price or benefits for any Sumdog Subscription at our discretion.

    In order to access and use Sumdog, all Users must have a valid subscription or trial. If a subscription or trial period ends and the User has not purchased a new subscription, the User’s access will be terminated and the User will not have access until a new subscription is purchased. 

    When purchasing any Sumdog Subscription, you accept that

    • fees for Sumdog Subscriptions are billed in advance;
    • if any fees are not paid when they are due, we may terminate or suspend your Sumdog Subscription immediately;
    • Sumdog Subscriptions are not transferable – and may not be resold – either partly or in their entirety;
    • any discount codes are not transferable, and may only be used once, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing; and
    • unless we’ve agreed differently in writing, Sumdog Subscriptions are non-refundable, except as provided for by applicable law. If your subscription is cancelled before the end of the period you purchased, you will not be given any refund;
    • any part of your Sumdog Subscription that has been provided for you as a result of someone else’s agreement with us, for example as a donation, is dependent on that person keeping to the terms of that agreement.


    Sumdog Subscriptions are all delivered online, so you won’t receive anything physical.

    We will let you use the services your Sumdog Subscription covers as soon as we accept your order.

    Sumdog Subscriptions for schools

    When ordering a Sumdog Subscription on behalf of an Educational Institution, you confirm that

    • you are a member of staff at that Educational Institution;
    • you have the authority to place the order on behalf of that Educational Institution.

    Renewal of Sumdog Subscriptions

    • Each Term shall automatically renew for subsequent period of the same length as the initial Term unless either party gives the other written notice of termination at least (30) days prior to expiration of the current term
    • For multi-school subscriptions, we will be in touch with the Educational Institution’s representative throughout the subscription, and will discuss the renewal with them directly
    • For individual schools, grades, or classes, and if conversation (either written or oral) is not already ongoing about the renewal, at least 60 days before the end of the current subscription period we will send the Educational Institution’s representative an e-mail with the price for the service for the new subscription period and the date that the invoice will be sent (the Invoice Date)
    • If the Educational Institution requires a Purchase Order to pay the invoice, this should be provided for adding to the invoice at least 3 working days before the Invoice Date specified
    • On the Invoice Date, we will send the Educational Institution’s representative an invoice for the next subscription period
    • The service will terminate at the end of the current subscription period if the invoice has not been paid, or we have not received confirmation that the Educational Institution intends to pay the invoice
    • If, despite receipt of confirmation that the Educational Institution wishes to renew its Sumdog Subscription, our invoice has not been paid when due, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the service at any time

    Acceptable use

    When you purchase a Class Subscription, it is intended for use with one specified standard-sized class of students.

    When you purchase for a whole grade or a whole school, we’ll ask you how many students you need to cover with your subscription.

    We won’t be concerned if, during your subscription, you need to add a few more students than you anticipated when purchasing. However, you may not let your subscription cover considerably more students than was intended. If we find that this is happening, we may take action, including terminating your subscription, or invoicing your educational establishment to cover your additional usage for the full duration of the subscription. Examples of unacceptable use include repeatedly transferring a class subscription between different classes or students, or allowing many more students than were originally requested to be covered by a school or grade/year subscription.

    We may check that your use of your Sumdog Subscription is compatible with the information you gave us, or the product you chose, when purchasing.

    Sumdog Subscriptions for parents and guardians

    Parents or guardians can purchase personal subscriptions for children in their family. When purchasing such a subscription, you accept that

    • each Sumdog subscription applies either to only one child; or to a family, containing up to two parents or guardians and three children
    • we will charge the initial subscription fee, including any applicable taxes, to your chosen payment method as soon as you agree the purchase;
    • we will only accept your order once full payment of this initial fee has been received;
    • after you agree a purchase, we will continue to bill ongoing fees and any other charges incurred on that subscription to your chosen payment method, unless the subscription is cancelled;
    • only direct relatives of that child (parents or guardians) can be connected to the child’s account;
    • each subscription is not transferable. Whereby the subscription applies to a child, the subscription is personal to one child. Whereby the subscription applies to a family, the subscription is personal to the family
    • where a child’s Sumdog login is also connected to his or her school account, some features may be disabled during school hours, at the discretion of the school.

    Third Parties and External Links

    Sumdog may carry links to websites which aren’t under our control. We are not responsible for these websites, or their content, or any offers they make to you.

    Any dealings you have with them are completely independent of us, and we cannot be held responsible if you suffer damage or loss as a result.

    Changes to these terms

    We may modify these terms from time to time, in which case we will notify you by posting the new version on the Sumdog website.

    It’s your responsibility to be aware of the current terms. Any changes apply as soon as they are posted, and if you use Sumdog after that, you show that you accept the updated terms.

    Other terms

    Unless otherwise agreed, we make no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, in relation to Sumdog.

    We will not be liable for any loss occurring as a result of using Sumdog. If you wish to make any claim against another user arising from their use of Sumdog, you will pursue it only against them, independently of us.

    You agree that you fully indemnify us against all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses – including legal fees – suffered by us which arise from a breach of this agreement by you, or from your use of Sumdog, or from use of Sumdog by any other person who accesses Sumdog using your Login Details, computer or internet account, as permitted by law. Furthermore, you agree that you are fully responsible for such claims, losses, costs and expenses or liabilities, as permitted by law.

    Nothing in these terms limits your rights as a consumer under law, or limits our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or that of our employees or agents.

    Contact details:
    Sumdog Inc
    1115 Broadway
    12th floor
    NY 10010

    Sumdog Ltd
    43 Queensferry Street Lane
    EH2 4PF
    Scotland, UK