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  • Prioritize areas for learning with our math diagnostic tool

    Our diagnostic tool assesses your students’ level, rewards them for their efforts and provides you with an easy-to-read stranded skills report to help prioritize areas of catch-up and future learning.

    • Designed for accuracy
    • Delivers personalized learning
    • Helps you plan next steps
    The Math Diagnostic Tool

    How does our diagnostic work?

    Through asking a series of multiple choice questions, the math diagnostic tool accurately pinpoints the level each child is working at. Then our adaptive learning engine uses the results to tailor future questions, providing a personalized learning journey.

    Download our guide to learn more.

    The Math Diagnostic Tool

    Try our math diagnostic with your class!

    How our math diagnostic tool works

    We get to know your students

    We get to know your students

    We use the diagnostic results to set the unique learning level of every child. This informs the level of questions they’ll be asked as they play Sumdog games.

    Students are rewarded!

    Students are rewarded!

    For completing the diagnostic test, each child receives coins to spend on their Sumdog house, garden and avatar, helping them feel motivated to learn.

    Easy-to-read stranded reports

    Easy-to-read stranded reports

    You can access a snapshot of every student’s learning through our stranded skills report to help pinpoint areas for intervention or further learning.

    Regularly resetting the diagnostic can bring lots of benefits to your teaching. Here is why we suggest doing it 3 times a year.

    The Maths Diagnostic Tool

    'The Sumdog diagnostic tool helped to accurately pinpoint areas for catch-up provision across the school.'


    Rebecca Thal, Teacher
    Beers Street School, NJ