Teaching and Learning Resources

On this page you will find documents that show how Sumdog is aligned to different curricula and schemes of learning to help you embed Sumdog into your teaching. These documents can help you embed Sumdog into formative assessment, home learning and learning in the classroom.

Maths Schemes of Learning

Use our schemes of learning to help with your planning, tracking and monitoring.

Our handy National Curriculum scheme of learning maps our curriculum coverage for KS1 - KS3.


Download - National Curriculum (PDF 689KB)

Our CfE scheme of learning shows the coverage of numeracy and maths at each level. 


Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 862KB)

Maths Assessment Frameworks

Download our assessment framework documents to show how Sumdog tests are aligned to different curricula and schemes of learning.
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This document highlights the correlation between our White Rose Maths tests and their version 2.0 scheme of learning.


Download (PDF 1.7MB)
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The Ready-to-progress aligned tests can be used to complement your existing
teaching process. 


Download (PDF 1.3MB)

Our KS3 Progression Framework shows how our assessments align to the National Curriculum.


Download (PDF 375KB)

This document maps out all 122 to the CfE benchmarks to help you track progress with further precision.


Download (PDF 862KB)
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The White Rose Maths assessment trackers are a great way to track progress and help identify next steps.


Download (PDF 322KB)

Spelling Resources

Our spelling documents can help you see our curriculum coverage and help you plan Sumdog into your spelling teaching.

Read our spelling overview document to understand how Sumdog makes spelling fun and engaging for children.

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 1.7MB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 1.8MB)


The Spelling scheme of learning lets you see what skills we cover at each stage and help you embed it into your teaching.

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 927KB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 892KB)


The Skills and words documentation lists the skills covered at each stage and the words within each skill.

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 744KB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 742KB)

Teacher Guides

Read our in-depth guides to see how Sumdog can be used to support your learners.  These guides explore how Sumdog's mission is at the heart of children's education.
Sumdog Pathway to Multiplication Success

Embed times tables practice into your teaching and help develop fluency.

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 578KB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 391KB)


Sumdog supporting struggling learners (1)

Discover our 3-step approach to help close the attainment gap. 

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 306KB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 303KB)


Sumdog supporting struggling learners (4)

Explore how Sumdog's diagnostic works, its reports, and why you should reset it. 

Download Diagnostic documentation (PDF 1MB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 1.4MB)

Adaptive Practice on Sumdog

Discover how Sumdog's diagnostic results are used to set unique learning level of every child. 

Download - National Curriculum (PDF 660KB)

Download - Curriculum for Excellence (PDF 709KB)


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