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Download our free Sumdog resources to decorate your displays and celebrate pupil achievements! In this section, you will find:

  • Certificates and trackers
  • Activity and display packs
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Certificates and trackers

Card image of Sumdog editable certificate 600 x 400
Editable achievement certificate

Reward your pupils for their hard work by personalising this printable certificate.


Download (PDF 112KB)
Card image of Sumdog Super Speller certificate 600 x 400
Spelling certificate

Highlight your pupils' achievements with our Super Speller certificate.


Download (PDF 238KB)
Card image of Sumdog end of year certificate 600 x 400
End of year certificate

Celebrate your class with our end-of-year roundup certificate.


Download (PDF 68KB)
Card image of Sumdog goal tracker 600 x 400
Sumdog goal tracker

Keep track of each pupil's goals on Sumdog and highlight their progress.


Download (147KB)
Card image of Sumdog animal ranks poster 600 x 400
Animal ranks poster

Motivate your pupils as they earn coins to make their way up the ranks.


Download (PDF 1859KB)
Card image of Sumdog parent letter 600 x 400
Parent letter

Let parents know about Sumdog so they can encourage pupils to play at home.


Download (805KB)

Activity and display packs

Card image of Sumdog Getting to know you template 600 x 400
Getting To Know You template

Have your pupils get to know each other via their Sumdog avatar.


Download (PDF 104KB)
Card image of Sumdog spring worksheets UK 600 x 400
Spring themed worksheets

Celebrate spring with our fun printable maths worksheets.


Download (ZIP 1834KB)
Card image of Sumdog MTC pack 600 x 400
Multiplication Tables Check pack

Prepare your pupils for the MTC with lesson plans, tables cards, and more!


Get your free pack
Card image of Sumdog ice breaker pack 600 x 400
Ice breaker activities

Break the ice and get to know your new class with our fun activities.


Download (PDF 358KB)
Card image of Sumdog classroom display pack 600 x 400
Clasroom Display pack

Brighten up your classroom and encourage your pupils to keep practising!


Download (PDF 1013KB)

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